Kusama News: Karura & Moonriver launch. Did Rmrk break Kusama? Again? Careful with Clover crowdloan.

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2 min readJun 30, 2021


Our first Kusama News Video just went live. Watch and subscribe here:

Karura and Moonriver launch

Karura by Acala Network and Moonriver by Moonbeam Foundation just launched on Kusama Network. Both held launch parties and published their reward ratios. 19.95 $KAR for 1 $KSM and 14.56 $MOVR for 1 KSM. The Karura Roadmap and Moonriver Roadmap offer details on the launch timeline.

Austin Barack of CoinFund wrote up the USPs for the Moonriver network in an article titled Moonbeam’s interoperability and compatibility will drive the next wave of application development and user growth.

Did Rmrk break Kusama? Again?

Today, the Karura, Moonriver and Statement parachains stopped producing blocks for some time. The reason was an extrinsic being sent to Kusama by Rmrk that batched together 13_895 transactions. It seems like they wanted to hatch some eggs as climax to their #Houou festival. Martin Jensen from Rmrk was quick to apologize. But it’s not his fault for submitting transactions. Actually collator nodes weren’t prepared for that many transactions within a single extrinsic and had problems producing new blocks. The problem already was anticipated and quickly fixed.

Careful with the Clover crowdloan

Clover Finance is being critiziced for offering the possibility to send KSM tokens to an address, when the much safer possibility to just contribute to the crowdloan would exist. It also seems they do not explicitely disclose this. Participants who do send tokens directly to clover are at the full discretion of Clover on when and if they ever receive their tokens or any rewards. Apparently Clovers Web3 Foundation Team grant was terminated as well.

Network users are advised to only contribute to crowdloans via the crowdloan module.

If you want to create your own wallet, you can use the official browser extension. We have created a tutorial for you.

Who wins the next parachain slot?

The big question is, who will win the upcoming slots. Shiden Network is the next frontrunner with 100,000 KSM in contributions, after that the field gets more dense. The DotParachains team created an info graphic:

Stake with us!

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