Kusama Crowdloan: Who will win Parachain Slot #4?

Alice und Bob
3 min readJul 4, 2021


Shiden Network will win slot #3, as they lead the current auction with 136,000 KSM bonded! The big question is: Who get’s the next slot? In this article we look at the 8 hottest contenders.

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Who is in the Game?

For this article, we select the top 6 projects, which have more than 5,000 KSM in the game as of writing this article. We also look at Basilisk and Kilt and see if they could be the winners.

The networks we looked at for this article



Khala ist the frontrunner with 40,000 KSM bonded. It positions itself as confidential cloud compiting platform which emphasizes privacy for computations it performs in its network.


bifrost.finance is also strong in the game with 34,000 KSM on the table. The promise a liquid staking token which tokenizes staked coins which you then can trade on the markets or gain additional yield in liquidity pools. Karura will be offering the same feature and so the hot question is, how the protocols will differ.

Trailing behind

These chains trail behind but could jump forward if they still have some tokens up their sleeves. The game will only start on Tuesday when slot #3 is decided and the battle for #4 opens:


PolkaSmith has 17,000 KSM behind it and so is clearly behind the other. It positions itself as production hub for DeFi & NFT apps. They intend to offer tools and services around the launch of new dApps.


Altair has the support of 8,700 KSM, even though it has more than double the individual accounts behind it than PolkaSmith (520 vs. 220). It wants to tokenize real-world assets like invoices, real estate and royaldties and bridge them to DeFi.


Crust has 7,000 KSM on its crowdloan and looks like it wants to become the Google Cloud or AWS of the blockchain world: A decentralized cloud for Storage and Compute.


robonomics.network also has 7,000 KSM bonded and wants to bridge the IoT to the blockchain world and offer a serverless IoT platform.

Surprise entrances?

What about the others? Are there networks that haven’t entered the race yet?


Basilisk wants to do multi-asset liquidity pools and caught our attention when they posted this on Twitter:

Seems like they want to come in now. Do they have something up their sleeves or is it just good meme marketing? They doubled down with this tweet and a blog post from 4 weeks ago reveals, that this is a very intentional strategy.


Kilt will offer self-sovereign credentials, also branded as Social KYC. On Twitter they seem to have a large following. Their official roadmap shows that they want to start bidding just at the start of Q3 2021:

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