How to become part of the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem

The first few hours and days understanding the Polkadot/Kusama/Substrate ecosystem can be rough. Where do you start your journey? Where do you get information? What can you trust?

To find your way around, we created this little guide with the most important websites and communities for your journey into the ecosystem:

We will look into:

  • Core information and sources

This article is also available as video:

Core Information & Sources

The single most important source when you are just starting out is the official Polkadot Wiki. It explains basic concepts and is not shy to go deep an relevant concepts that they introduce into the blockchain world. The Kusama Wiki will go into details where things get more experimental or might be different from Polkadot.


To get insights into what is happening on-chain, use the App (aka Portal) and see what is happening in governance via Polkassembly.


There are three commonly known blockchain explorers, these are, and

Official Channels

The Community page offers all the channels. Communication of the core community happens mostly in Riot/Element.


The best aggregator for price information so far is They also offer info on Tokens and Tokenomics.

News & Latest Developments


The YouTube Bubble isn’t too big yet and next to yours truly, only a few channels exist:


Social Media

  • The ecosystem has a strong Twitter game with a lot of core people participating there. Our Twitter account has curated lists of important channels: Lists

Ready to become part of the system? Then start by staking your KSM right on chain and earn higher interest than on exchanges:

Don’t just let them sit in your account doing nothing while you wait for the right moment. You can earn interest on your KSM and also support our channel. Get all the details here:



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