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Alice und Bob
2 min readJun 21, 2021



We are Alice und Bob and our YouTube channel offers you the latest news on the Kusama and Polkadot Networks!

You can support the channel AND earn staking interest on your KSM by nominating our nodes on Kusama:

  • Ez4AsHErY6svADTciHB4VqdjmEUQsJKfZtsLFoe75sxiNYg
  • Cn27eXQ7Zv4hVLTKQETxFSXhjB76qWGSzK57YJsKyhkDohh

Our Offer: Content. Insights. Knowledge!

By staking with us, we can earn some KSM and this frees time from our daily schedule to tell you the relevant stories on everything that is happening in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems on our YouTube Channel:

We offer insights with videos on basic HowTos and offer latest news on developments like parachain slot auctions an more.

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How to nominate?

You can find a comprehensive guide over at the Kusama Docs:

Look out for Alice und Bob
  • Our Validator addresses:
    Node1: Ez4AsHErY6svADTciHB4VqdjmEUQsJKfZtsLFoe75sxiNYg
    Node2: Cn27eXQ7Zv4hVLTKQETxFSXhjB76qWGSzK57YJsKyhkDohh
  • Verified Identity: Alice and Bob
  • Our commission: 3%
  • Our setup: DigitalOceon deployed node, secure validator setup per the official instructions, alerts within 5 minute of the node going down, trusted by the 1000 Validators Programme.

We have prepared an in-depth tutorial on how to nominate in the Portal:

Thanks for staking with us. Say hello to us on Social Media. We’d love to get a feel for our Nominators. See you on-chain!


Alice und Bob



Alice und Bob

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