The first few hours and days understanding the Polkadot/Kusama/Substrate ecosystem can be rough. Where do you start your journey? Where do you get information? What can you trust?

To find your way around, we created this little guide with the most important websites and communities for your journey into the ecosystem:

We will look into:

This article is also available as video:

Core Information & Sources

The single most important source when you are just starting out is the official Polkadot Wiki. It explains basic concepts and is not shy to go deep…

Hype around the upcoming Karura network is big, but when I asked on Twitter about profitable models and strategies, I got very little actionable advice. Only our friend Yung Beef Big Bags had a good Medium writeup to offer:

While it is a good start, I wanted something along the lines of taking every single feature in Karura apart and analyzing it from a profit-perspective. Since little could be found, I tried to gain knowledge from other places and also read the Acala Whitepaper (which also is valid for Karura) and the Acala Wiki. …

Parachain Networks offer increasing rewards if you participate in their crowdloans. The main question for investors is, if it is profitable to invest in a certain crowdloan.

This article shows you how to find the break even ratio, break even price and break even market cap for your crowdloan rewards. This helps you determine if you will be profitable with a crowdloan. A video version is also available:

The article has 3chapters:

1. Mental Framework

Beginner crypto investors often compare their favorite token against fiat. I think this is a mistake, because it does not…

Shiden Network will win slot #3, as they lead the current auction with 136,000 KSM bonded! The big question is: Who get’s the next slot? In this article we look at the 8 hottest contenders.

You can also watch this as video on YouTube:

Who is in the Game?

For this article, we select the top 6 projects, which have more than 5,000 KSM in the game as of writing this article. We also look at Basilisk and Kilt and see if they could be the winners.

The networks we looked at for this article



Khala ist the frontrunner with 40,000 KSM bonded. It positions itself as confidential cloud compiting platform which…

Our first Kusama News Video just went live. Watch and subscribe here:

Karura and Moonriver launch

Karura by Acala Network and Moonriver by Moonbeam Foundation just launched on Kusama Network. Both held launch parties and published their reward ratios. 19.95 $KAR for 1 $KSM and 14.56 $MOVR for 1 KSM. The Karura Roadmap and Moonriver Roadmap offer details on the launch timeline.

Austin Barack of CoinFund wrote up the USPs for the Moonriver network in an article titled Moonbeam’s interoperability and compatibility will drive the next wave of application development and user growth.

Did Rmrk break Kusama? Again?

Today, the Karura, Moonriver and Statement parachains stopped producing blocks…


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